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Food Pyramid for Kids

You want to eat well and feed your child well, but the nutrition advice keeps changing. Every five years the federal government revises its Dietary Guidelines  -- and as of April 2005, those guidelines have been revised again. This time around, the government also changed its Food Guide Pyramid for the first time since its introduction in 1992.

The old one-size-fits-all pyramid has been replaced by My Pyramid  -- an online guide that allows people to choose from 12 different pyramids based on sex, age, and physical activity. Though the new guide has its advantages, critics argue that the updated design is confusing. And, in a continued compromise to the food industry, it does not specify which foods are healthiest, so figuring out what and how much to eat is both difficult and time-consuming.

But no matter. Because here at Parenting, we've created a practical plan for moms that incorporates the facts about healthy carbs, "good" fats, and the best veggies, grains, and meats. In fact, Parenting's nutrition plan for moms isn't a pyramid, but a house  -- with nutritional smarts and easy-to-follow advice.

Robert Barnett is the health editor of Parenting and the author of several books about nutrition and dieting.