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Get Organized! Moms' Winning Tips

"Anyone who has daughters has hair bows...everywhere! I put a hanging shoe organizer in the mud room -- it's the perfect spot to do hair and dash. The pockets hold brushes, detangle spray, and more, and you can organize by color and type (bows, clips, ribbons, elastics, and headbands)."
-- Heidi Smith, Richmond, VA

"I have a trash can in the garage near the driver's-side door. As I get out of the car, I throw away the trash, and I have my hands free for the things that actually need to go into the house."
-- Judy Smith, Niceville, FL

"To keep up with the constant singleton-sock dilemma, I keep a clear plastic bag in each child's drawer (and now my husband's). Every time we come across a party of one when putting away clean laundry, we check the bag. We either find the mate or put the newly single sock in that person's bag for the next go-round."
-- Anne Hedekin, Poway, CA

"I store loose recipes in a binder that I filled with vinyl page protectors and tabbed dividers (breakfast, lunch, dinner, side, and dessert). I slip the recipes into the page protectors, and then I can flip through until I find a recipe I like. Plus, splashes wipe off easily!"
-- Brittany Walls, Raleigh, NC

"I have several different caddies, all ready to grab and go for different cleaning duties. I have bathroom cleaning supplies in one large bucket (don't forget the scrub brush and rubber gloves), a caddy with dusting, disinfecting, and window cleaners (plus rags), and a bucket with floor cleaners and related items."
-- Amber Weaver, Robesonia, PA

Congrats! These five moms were the big winners in our recent Get Organized contest. Each of them gets these organizing products: