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Guide to ADHD

ADHD Hyperactive/Impulsive Type

Only about 5 percent of kids who have ADHD are classified as this type, which is typically diagnosed at preschool age. Most of those diagnosed will later go on to develop the inattentive or combined type.

People think of hyperactive and impulsive kids as wild, obnoxious, bratty problem children or, worst of all, just plain bad. She may grab toys and refuse to share long after others have gotten the concept. A hyperactive child will keep playing tag while his classmates line up. He may frighten or intimidate other children by pushing or yelling, or he could be the loveable, but virtually untamable class clown. Hyperactive kids are often daredevils, prone to taking flying leaps off the couch. Parents of hyperactive and impulsive kids dread calls from school or a neighbor asking them to come get their misbehaving child, and they're driven to exhaustion by kids that never nap, sit still or stop talking.

A child must have 6 of the following 9 symptoms for more than six months to be diagnosed with ADHD/hyperactive-impulsive type:


  1. Often fidgets with hands and feet or squirms in seat
  1. Often gets up from seat
  1. Often excessively runs about our climbs when not appropriate
  1. Often has trouble playing or doing leisure activities quietly
  1. Is on the go as if driven by a motor
  1. Often talks excessively
  1. Often blurts out answers before questions have been finished
  1. Often has trouble waiting his turn
  1. Often interrupts or intrudes on others


ADHD Combined Hyperactive-impulsive and Inattentive Type

This is the most common type of ADHD, with symptoms of both the inattentive and hyperactive-impulsive types. Remember, not all children with ADHD display all the symptoms.