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AAP: 5 Halloween Safety Tips

Alfredo Montresor/Getty Images

More tricks to keep your little pumpkin safe on Halloween:

Instead of: Buttons, rhinestones and strings on costumes can be choking hazards.  Try: A snug hat gets her into character safely and keeps her warm.

Instead of: Carving pumpkins with sharp knives isn't exactly baby-friendly.  Try: Give baby finger paints to make a jack-o-masterpiece.

Instead of: Halloween candy is a no-no for tots. (More for mama!)  Try: Surprise him with a sweet, inedible treat like a fun light-up toy.

Instead of: A bulky costume may be too hot, not to mention a tight fit in a car seat.  Try: Halloween-theme PJs take him from trick-or-treating to dreamland.

Instead of: A candle-lit jack-o-lantern may be tempting for little fingers.  Try: Use a glow stick or a flashlight for a safer spooky glow.