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Hanging On to Healthy Pregnancy Habits -- For Good!

Exercise, Kegels, and calcium

Pregnancy keeper: Regular exercise

Why: Working out can help prevent weight gain and disease, and help you drop postpartum pounds. It also helps new moms sleep better and fight after-the-baby blues.

Good habit helper: Since your child is not going to work around your schedule, work around his. "I would put my baby in a Snugli and do lunges across my living room," says fitness expert Denise Austin, author of the new book and video Pilates for Every Body as well as Bounce Back After Baby. The good news for time-crunched moms is that a new study by Irish researchers found that three 10-minute workouts a day gave as much benefit as a 30-minute block of exercise. Working moms may want to exercise to a video with their babies nearby each evening, while at-home moms may need a brisk walk and some alone-time after Dad returns from work.