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Grade-by-Grade Homework Help

Between them , my two daughters have logged a total of 11 years in elementary school—and I've spent what feels like 100 years helping them with their homework. Sure, it starts off easy: trace a few letters, call Grandpa to find out about the old days. But before you know it, you've got a sixth-grader asking you to help her make a…vector graph? What the huh?

Your assignment through it all: To be the most supportive, resourceful parent you possibly can. That doesn't mean simply taking over and doing your child's homework for her—tempting as it may be at times—or leaving her to sink or swim (remember: she'll choose your nursing home someday). It means giving her all the tools she needs and knowing how best to help her over the inevitable humps, even if you don't have every solution right at your fingertips. Luckily, we've done our homework, too, and come up with the ultimate grade-by-grade survival guide! Read on for brilliant tips, tricks, and insider info from some of the country's most sought-after tutors, plus insights from the real-life teachers who hand out the assignments.