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How to Be a Mom and Still Feel Sexy

Annie Engel/Getty Images

Think Accessories

Buy a new tote.

At some point you'll realize that you don't need to lug that ugly diaper bag all over the place. Amy West, a mom in Santa Cruz, California, really coveted a red triangle purse, so her husband bought it for her. "It's silly, but when I carry this bag, it makes me feel as if everyone is saying, 'That girl is way too cute and hip to be hiding teething biscuits and a That's Not My Tractor book in that purse.'"

Spring for footwear.

"There are mommy shoes, and there are non-mommy shoes," proclaims Rilka Kelli Feugh of Palm Court, Florida. "Whenever I'm feeling a little too frumpy, I go to the discount shoe store and buy some strappy sandals with bright flowers on them. My husband actually notices the difference in my attitude, and that helps us as a couple."