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How to Be a Mom and Still Feel Sexy

Annie Engel/Getty Images

Go Out Alone

Dine with friends.

Laura-Kate Rurka of Berkeley first ate out when her daughter was a few months old. "It was a good way to catch up with friends," she says. Now her night out with the girls is a regular thing. "I get dressed up and feel for a couple of hours that I'm just another girl out at a great restaurant sipping a cocktail."

Trish Czajak of Cohasset, Massachusetts, finds that her evenings off make her more appreciative of her husband. "No matter how mad I am at him, somebody else can always top my story -- and he ends up looking pretty good by comparison," she says. "Which makes me more open to his advances when I come home."

Play some games.

For a few hours every month, Stacy Day Burst of New Orleans and her pals get together for card games. "I'm very protective of these nights -- they give me just enough of a break that I can return to being a mother and wife again with vigor. And I think it's good for my two daughters to see that I value my friends and friendships," says Burst.

Get away.

When Kellie Gaines of Murrieta, California, got an opportunity to travel to New York City, she decided to leave her 3-year-old at home with her husband. "It was glorious to visit a place I'd always wanted to see without constantly worrying whether my daughter was being entertained or not," she says. Another bonus: "It gave me something new to talk to my husband about -- and that felt like the conversations we used to have in the old days."