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How to Be a Mom and Still Feel Sexy

Annie Engel/Getty Images

Rekindle Romance

Chat up your mate.

I don't know about other men, but Luke becomes extra charming and sexy in e-mails. Sometimes in the course of our daily online banter about work and kids and bills, he goes off on a tangent and I find myself giggling like a girl. Imagine, a crush on my own husband! Another mom I know goes out on "guy" dates with her mate -- beer and a game of pool at the neighborhood bar. Flirting with your husband (or even the cute guy behind you in the checkout line) is simply a matter of remembering what you used to do, before kids made you practical.

Pick a method to tap into your sensual side. Because "anything that helps build a solid marriage is good for your kids," says Dr. Raskin. I'll vouch for that.

Contributing editor Julie Tilsner is the author of three books.