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How to Help Your Kids Love School

Corbis Photography for Veer


To build strong connections between home and school, you need to have a sense of what's going on in your child's classroom. Natalie Cull, a mother of three in Wildwood, MS, always sits her two oldest daughters, ages 10 and 7, down at the kitchen table in the afternoon and gives them 15 minutes of her undivided attention.

"They just spew!" says Cull. But what if your child isn't such an enthusiastic reporter? If your "What did you do in school today?" is answered with "Nothing," you have plenty of company; most children don't like to be quizzed. Plus, young ones may not even remember all of the day's experiences. So ask small, undaunting questions that will help jog the memory: Did you get to play outside? What did you have for snack? What did you sing in music? And when your child does talk, be a good listener.