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Is My Baby Eating Enough? And More Answers About Your Newborn

Andrew Bannecker

Why Does My Baby Get Sick So Often?

During the two years before their immune systems fully develop, most babies get at least three respiratory illnesses and a couple of diarrhea-inducing intestinal infections.You can lessen the frequency and severity of sickness in the following ways:

Nurse, Nurse, Nurse

Breastfeed your baby for as long as possible. Breastfed babies experience fewer colds, ear infections and intestinal bugs. When breastfed infants do come down with these illnesses, they tend to be less severe.

Do a Nose Hose

Keep your baby's nose clear. If your infant's nose is clogged, put unmedicated saline nasal drops in her nostrils and suction them with a nasal aspirator. Both are available over the counter in pharmacies. Do this as often as needed.

Steam Clean

In the winter when central heating dries out baby's respiratory passages, making them more prone to infection, take your infant into the bathroom, run a warm shower and let her inhale the steam for about 10 minutes. Or turn on a cool-mist vaporizer in your baby's bedroom at night, and keep the machine clean and free of mold.

Keep It Clean

Make sure baby's sleeping environmentis clean. Remove dust collectors such as stuffed animals from the nursery (a few are OK, of course), and avoid using products such as paint, aerosols, perfumes and hair sprays near your baby or her room. Don't allow smoking.

Be Proactive

Take your baby to your pediatrician for well baby checkups. During these visits, your doctor will give your child immunizations. Staying on schedule for vaccines is the easiest way to protect your baby's health.