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Kid-Friendly Finger Food: "Traffic Light" Fruit Skewers with Creamy Caramel Dip

Preparation: 10 minutes
Makes: 8 skewers, 4 portions
Not suitable for freezing

You will need:
¼ Galia or other green melon, seeded
½ large mango, peeled, or approximately 5 ounces cut mango
8 medium strawberries, hulled

For the creamy caramel dip:
¼ cup dulce de leche
4 teaspoons heavy cream

You will also need 8 plastic or wooden skewers

Remove the rind from the melon and cut 8 cubes, each approximately 1 inch. Cut the mango into 8 smaller-size cubes. Thread one cube of melon onto each skewer, followed by a cube of mango and a strawberry.

Mix together the dulce de leche and cream to make the dip, and spoon into small bowls. Serve with the fruit skewers.

Lemon Yogurt Dip Variation
For a tasty alternative dip that is easy to prepare, mix 1/3 cup thick Greek-style yogurt with 2 teaspoons milk, 2 teaspoons confectioners' sugar, and 2 tablespoons lemon curd.

From Anabel Karmel's Top 100 Finger Foods