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Love Your New-Mom Body: Instant Energy

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What you'll need: A yoga mat or towel

1. Standing Balance
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and take a few breaths to center yourself. Bring left knee toward chest, holding it with left hand. (Place right hand on a wall for balance if necessary.) Inhale to lengthen the sides of your body from waist to armpits, and exhale to ground right foot. Take about three to five breaths here; with each exhalation, gently draw belly and pelvic floor up and in for more stability. Switch sides and repeat. As your balance improves, try taking hand off the wall and placing it on waist.

2. Downward-Facing Dog
Come to hands and knees on mat, then walk knees back a few inches until they're behind hips. Inhale, tuck toes and slowly exhale, straightening legs as you bring hips toward ceiling. Keep hands firmly rooted to the mat, especially fingertips. Remain here for three full breaths, come down, and sit back on heels to rest in child's pose or on hands and knees.

3. Warrior 1
a. From downward-facing dog, step right foot forward between hands. Turn out left heel 45 degrees; keep entire foot on floor, especially outer edge. Bring hands to waist. Inhale, rounding back slightly to deepen breathing and reach hands behind you.
b. Exhaling, stand up, lengthening sides as you reach arms up past ears. Bow forward again as you inhale, then exhale and stand back up. Repeat three to 5 times. Return to downward-facing dog and repeat, this time bringing left foot forward.

4. Boat Pose
Sit tall on mat, legs extended and hands at sides. Lift feet off mat with knees bent and shins parallel to floor. Keeping abdominals engaged, lean back slightly but stay as far forward on sitting bones as possible. Reach fingers forward, keeping hands in line with shoulders. Breathe evenly, lengthening the sides of body as you balance on sit bones.