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Living Green in 2012

Jon Wittle

13. When something's fishy: Developed by the good people at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Seafood Watch is a simple app (free; for the iPhone and Android) that lets you find restaurants and markets that sell sustainable seafood and sushi that's caught or farmed in ways that are good for the oceans. (It uses the GPS in your phone to find the closest options.) And it lets you share the locations with others and contribute your own finds. I keep it loaded on my iPhone.

14. Ready, set, game!: Video games used to give only our thumbs a workout. Now they're getting gamers up off the sofa and encouraging the movement our bodies were designed for. This trend started with Wii and Microsoft Kinect. Coming soon is Wii U (shown above), a new console with a controller that allows movement. It's due later this year.

15. Natural nursery: As parents, we can't control the whole environment, but we can upgrade the environment at home, especially what goes in, on, and near our little ones. I've recently discovered Babyganics (, a line of natural cleaning products, baby wipes, and other baby products. Its Foamin' Fun Shampoo & Body Wash will be a big hit at bathtime, I promise. For bathrooms and kitchens, try Mrs. Meyer's all-purpose cleaners and dish soaps, which trade traditional cleaning ingredients—ammonia, chlorine, parabens, and phosphates—for natural essential oils. (