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Living Green in 2012

Jon Wittle

16. Crowd-source your diet: The app I'm using most right now is The Eatery (free). Simply snap pictures of everything you eat, and upload them. Others rate the healthiness of your meals; you rate other people's. (In under one year, the app has surpassed 2 million food ratings.) The Eatery uses the data to track eating habits, and not just your own. For example, in New York City, people eat the worst in the Financial District; as they move uptown, their eating habits get better. I find myself making better choices.The Eatery app has become hugely popular: In one year, users have added 2 million food ratings.

17. The new “share” button: Websites dedicated to lending and swapping have become increasingly prevalent. Freecycle, Neigh Borrow, and Zilok make it easy to find whatever you need—from high chairs to pack 'n plays to tricycles—in your area. It's not only about saving money but about reducing waste as well.