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Managing Multiples

Are you beyond excited (and more than a little nervous) because you're having twins, triplets or even quads? We've compiled everything you need to know so you can relax and enjoy double (or triple) Bonding.

The gear

Cribs Many parents of multiples swear by "co-bedding"—putting siblings to sleep together in the same crib for the first few months. But this practice is not recommended by the First Candle/SIDS Alliance, the nonprofit group dedicated to reducing the rate of sudden infant death syndrome. Laura Reno, a spokesperson for the group, says that you don't know when an infant will begin rolling over, and if he can burrow his face into his brother or sister, there could be a higher SIDS risk.

Play stations You'll need a bouncy seat for each child, and, once they can sit up, individual stationary walkers, too. Obviously, a big challenge is holding your tots at the same time, and your aching arms and back will often be grateful for safe repositories.

Clothing Buy undershirts, bodysuits, bibs and socks in bulk! Gerber Onesies are available in convenient multipacks. Get items in the preemie or 0-3 months size, since multiples tend to be smaller at birth than singletons. Make sure they're unisex, so boys and girls can share.

Stroller Models for multiples are notorious for being space hogs, but the Graco Duo Glider folds easily to fit inside your car. Another choice is a stroller that allows you to attach infant car seats. Look into the Safety 1st Two Way Tandem (the seats swivel so twins can face each other), the Peg Perego Duette or Triplette, or the Double (or Triple) Decker Stroller. City moms will want a narrow ride. Maclaren and Combi both make strollers for multiples that are surprisingly easy to maneuver on crowded streets.

Carriers MaxiMom makes carriers in twin and triplet versions. If you have twins and your budget allows, you can also buy two single carriers for outings with Dad.