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The Meaning of Multiple Miscarriages

Recurrent miscarriage has long been a medical mystery but new research is shedding light on factors related to early pregnancy loss. What’s more, some cutting-edge tests and treatments are showing promise. Among them: pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, in which a cell from embryos created through IVF are examined for chromosomal abnormalities, allowing doctors to implant only healthy embryos; immunotherapy, in which antibodies extracted from the blood of donors are injected into the pregnant woman in an effort to protect the growing embryo; and blood-clotting treatments, subcutaneous (under the skin) injections of a blood thinner and daily doses of aspirin to ensure that the flow of oxygen and nutrients from the placenta to the fetus is not cut off by blood clots. The bottom line: having a miscarriage, or even two or three, doesn’t mean you can’t have a baby