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Meet The Modern Dad

Some moms feel threatened by the 21st-century pop.

There are more women than ever in the workforce, and 18 percent of them earn more than their spouses. It's a recipe for men spending more time with their kids, and women spending less -- and some women are a little uneasy about it.

Earlier this year, researchers interviewed 78 couples with 8-month-old infants. They found that a mother's self-esteem was lowered if they thought the father was capable and hands-on and spending more time with the children.

"Many women are ambivalent and conflicted about needing to stay home to care for their child or be in the workplace," explains Dr. Siegel. "With fathers sharing more of the child care, this may help women address some of these conflicting issues."

What mom can do: Be thankful, says Dr. Siegel. "What we're seeing is more equality in the gender roles," he says. "Fathers are sharing more of the workload traditionally associated with women: scheduling doctor's appointments, doing household chores and participating in child care. Nothing but good can come from it."