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Menus for Growing Babies

18 Months: Try Everything

What to Feed
By a year and a half, toddlers are more adept at eating finger foods or using a spoon, but they still require supervision at mealtime. Serve table food cut in very small pieces, and avoid choking hazards like popcorn, hard candy, hot dogs, jelly beans, chunks of carrots, grapes, and raisins.

It's important not to rely on milk -- breast or otherwise -- as the sole source of key nutrients at this point. "Keep trying a variety of foods, using the major food groups as a guide," says Greer.

What's Going on at This Stage
At this age Baby will point, try to articulate a word for food, or bang his fists or a utensil on the high chair tray if he's still interested in eating. It's perfectly fine to offer more until your little one indicates he's had enough.

A food Baby rejected at 12 months might be acceptable to him at 18 months, and having family members as role models will encourage him to try new foods. If Baby sees his sister eating her vegetables, he'll try his, too.

What to Watch Out For
Your child isn't likely to eat the ideal balance of nutritious foods every day at this stage of life. What matters is that he meets these requirements over several days or even a week. If you feel he's not eating enough or have special concerns, speak to your pediatrician about whether vitamin drops or nutritional supplements are necessary.