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8 Things You Don’t Know About Today’s Modern Dads


We partnered with Edelman Public Relations on an exclusive survey of 600 dads with kids 12 and under to find out how much they pitch in on childcare and housework, how they feel about being portrayed as clueless, and what kind of parents they really are.

#1: They Don’t Appreciate the Dad Jokes
You know that stereotype of the know-nothing dad, frequently the go-to in commercials for household products? Dad is not amused. The majority of fathers feel that there is a societal bias against dads, and newer dads feel it even more keenly. A whopping 82 percent of first-time fathers believe an anti-dad bias exists, compared with the average of 66 percent among all dads.

#2: They Do More Than They Get Credit For
The dads surveyed say that they do their part in everything from diapering to carpool—and yet they are still portrayed at bumbling ‘50s dads. The truth is that the percentage of dads that says they pitch in half or more of the time is high for bath time (68 percent), getting kids ready for school (70 percent), shuttling to activities (77 percent), and helping with homework (80 percent). Only three percent of dads surveyed admitted they don’t do diapers.

#3: …Especially in the Kitchen
While the conventional wisdom is that moms rule when it comes to feeding their families, the reality is that dads are getting in the kitchen. While almost 77 percent help in some way with meal prep, 26 percent of dads say that they do all of the grocery shopping for their families, and 22 percent say that they do all of the cooking. Today’s dads are conscious of what’s going in their kids’ bodies, too; they are more likely than moms to buy locally-grown produce, even if it costs more.