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Mommy Brain


It's the survival method moms rely on most, but a University of Michigan study found it may actually be linked to poor performance overall, including short-term memory loss. That means you'll have trouble remembering what snack you said you'd bring to the playgroup if you made that promise over the phone at the same time you were keeping an eye on the pasta water and opening your mail.

To do less:
* Live in the moment. If you don't focus on what's going on, there's no way you'll remember it. When you're getting some important information  -- from your pediatrician, say, or your child's sitter  -- turn off the TV, leave the playroom, do whatever it takes to allow you to listen.

* Cut down on the things you need to remember. The key to keeping up for Carole Bolen, of Queensbury, New York, mom of 6-year-old triplets and 9-year-old twins, is to schedule all doctor and dentist appointments on the same day. "The kids even play the same sports at the same time," she says.