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Amazing Mom Inventors

The Diaper Guru


Marlene Dunwoody, Macon, GA



Aron, 2, and expecting another at press time


enterprise:, an online diapering resource that specializes in cloth diapers and other natural products and clothes

How it began: Soon after Aron was born, Dunwoody began to research some facts about diapers. Calculating that the average baby goes through 7,500 changes in two and a half years, she became sold on the benefits  -- from economic to ecological -- of cloth. That's when she launched her site, which offers a full range of products and services for cloth devotees.

Toughest moment: Like most business newcomers, Dunwoody found the early going frustrating. "Developing an Internet presence wasn't easy, and I had to find appropriate places to advertise," she says. But soon she began to build a customer base  -- by signing up with a company that submitted the name of her website to various search engines and by participating in Internet message boards for parents who use cloth. "After a couple of months, I began to get repeat customers and referrals and the orders started rolling in," says Dunwoody.

How to find it: Go to or call 877-714-6287.

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