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Amazing Mom Inventors


Special Skin Care


Lisa Price, Brooklyn, NY



Forrest, 8, and Ennis, 6



Carol's Daughter, which specializes in beauty products for women, with a line just for moms and babies

How it began: "I started making fragrances and creams in my own kitchen, as a hobby," recalls Price. "When my first baby, Forrest, was diagnosed with eczema, I created a moisturizer I called Honey Pudding. By the time he was two, I realized I'd come up with a remedy that actually worked." Concocting other products and calling her line Carol's Daughter (in honor of her mom), Price and her husband, Gordon, began to sell her wares at local crafts fairs, then moved on to mail-order and online outlets and a storefront shop in Brooklyn. In 2002 the story of Price's home-brewed elixirs caught the ear of Oprah Winfrey, who invited her onto the show. "That was it!" says Price. "After that, my website practically exploded." Price's memoir, Success Never Smelled So Sweet: How I Followed My Nose and Found My Passion (written with Hilary Beard), hit the bookstores in April 2004.

Toughest moment: For all the obvious advantages of working out of the home, Price notes that there are still those moments when her business's productivity runs up against parenting. "Unfortunately, children don't always understand when Mommy says she has to get to work," she says. "I'd be busy in the kitchen and I'd hear one of them say to the other, 'Mommy doesn't know how to play.'" Those words, concludes Price, provided a valuable lesson: "My children taught me how to prioritize. Now, when it's five o'clock, I just stop working."

How to find it: Go to or call 877-540-2101.

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