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20 Easy Ways to Raise a Natural Baby

Jade Albert

6. Can't part with all your plastic? Keep your family safe with this one rule of thumb: Don't heat it. Avoid warming food in plastic containers, and always wash by hand. Heat can increase the leaching of potentially harmful chemicals.

7. Use seasonal fruits and veggies when making your own baby food. They taste best because they're at their peak of freshness, plus they're richer in nutrients and less expensive (it's a supply and demand thing). Fruits and veggies from the freezer are mostly flash frozen after being picked, so they're good choices too.

8. Reduce. reuse. recycle. It's not only about saving money but reducing waste too. Websites dedicated to lending, renting and swapping have become increasingly prevalent.,, and make it easy to find whatever you need — from highchairs to play yards — in your area. also has a vibrant green community: Find these vendors by using tags such as “recycled,” “upcycled,” “repurposed” and, of course, “eco-friendly” and “organic.”

9. Buy organic when you can, prioritizing your purchases to save money. Worth the splurge: Fruits and veggies on the Environmental Working Group's (EWG) “Dirty Dozen” list contain the most pesticides, so the organic ones are worth buying. Where to save: The EWG's “Clean 15” contain the fewest pesticides and are safe bets for bargains. Find the list at