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20 Easy Ways to Raise a Natural Baby

Jade Albert

10. Give cloth a chance.

Families that opt for disposable diapers will spend $2,500 to $3,000 diapering one child until age 3.* It makes cloth look a little more appealing, right? Here's a look at your options:

  • Prefolds

A flat, rectangular diaper with more layers in the middle that can be fastened with pins or a more modern device called the Snappi is secured inside a waterproof cover.

Price tag: $400*
Pro: Inexpensive.
Con: Folding and pinning can be befuddling.
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  • Fitteds

Fluffy, soft and absorbent, fitteds look like other cloth diapers, but there's no waterproof lining. They close with snaps or Velcro and have elastic legs for extra protection.

Price tag: $1,260*
Pro: Great breathability for baby's bum.
Con: Without covers, you'll likely have leaks.
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  •  All-in-Ones

Functionwise, this is the closest to a disposable. All-in-ones close with Velcro or snaps, but unlike fitteds and prefolds, they have waterproof linings to prevent leaks.

Price tag: $1,500*
Pro: Low learning curve.
Con: Takes a long time to dry after washing.
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  •  Pockets

Similar to all-in-ones but pockets have absorbent liners inserted into an opening in the back, and they dry faster than all-in-ones when laundered.

Price tag: $1,700*
Pro: Great for overnight, you can stuff it as thick as you want.
Con: Some assembly required.
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