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New Mom Entourage


Sure, you incubated that baby all by your little old self, and you even brought it into the world (perhaps you had some help with that part, but  still). There's no question if you can handle your new role and all of its responsibilities solo — but why would you? “Studies show that when women are massively stressed — as happens with major life changes like having a baby — we are biologically hard-wired to want to rally the troops,” explains parenting expert Ann Douglas, author of more than 20 books on pregnancy and parenting, including The Mother of All Pregnancy Books. Whereas men are more apt to react to stress with the “fight or flight” response, the female urge to bond is known as “tend and befriend.” Indeed, wise women who've tread the procreative path before you swear surrounding yourself with an entourage of helping hands will make your transition from high heels to highchairs infinitely more manageable (not to mention more pleasant, sane and sleep-filled). Here's the ideal cast of characters every new mom should have by her side...