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New Mom Guide: Going Out with Baby

Larsen & Talbert

The Next 48: First trip to grandma's, a much-needed weekend away


When in doubt, borrow the items you need to make an overnight trip a success. “When we visit my mom, she calls some of her friends and asks to borrow things like a bouncy seat, a bathtub or a high-chair,” says Grimm. “While these things aren't all necessary, they make my life easier.” Going to a new city? Rent the necessities Stroller, crib, swing and tons of toys are delivered right to your hotel room.

No Identity Crisis

Always take a copy of your child's birth certificate to verify her age if you're not buying a separate ticket — some airlines won't let you and baby board without it.

Stay Smart

Marriott-brand hotels have the Tots Travel Too program, offering travel cribs, tub toys, outlet covers, toddler toiletries, night lights and bibs in hotel restaurants. Loews hotels offer strollers, play yards, car seats, bottle warmers and more at check-in.

Tear-Free Takeoff

Nurse (or bottle feed) during takeoff and landing to help baby's ears equalize.

Path of Least Resistance

Road-tripping it? The KidzOut app locates rest-rooms with well-equipped changing stations and 24-hour medical centers. The HopStop app highlights stroller-friendly subway or bus routes, meaning fewer stairs and more elevators.