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Outward Bound

Before I had my first baby, I imagined my mothering days would be much like my prepregnancy ones  -- still filled with outings, just with a sweet baby along. Well, Lilianna was sweet, but she cried (a lot). She spit up (a lot). She nursed around the clock and required more supplies than would fit in my fanny pack. And she got very heavy very quickly. Sometimes it seemed like too much trouble to go anywhere with her in tow.

But it wasn't long before I realized what great companions babies really are. They're easy to keep track of and don't require much in the way of food; they even enjoy running errands. A good trip, though, means keeping your baby's temperament, her schedule, and the destination in mind.

Karen Miles has been out and about with her kids for the past 16 years. She's a frequent contributor to Parenting.