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How to Build a Good Parent-Teacher Relationship


Avoid these teacher pet peeves:

Chances are they'll be too nice to tell you this stuff to your face, so read it—and don't do it!

  1. Not knowing the school's discipline policies, and then getting upset if they're different from yours. If the teacher uses time-outs, and you protest because you don't like them, your child will be very confused. When choosing your child's school, make sure its philosophies match your own, or that you can at least respect them.

  2. Pressuring your child not to mess up or misplace her clothes. “It makes me feel bad when a child gets nervous about outdoor recess, and says, ‘My mom told me I can't lose another pair of mittens,’” says preschool teacher Lisa Andersen. “Most centers offer kids their own cubby and box. If you can, buy extra hats and gloves and leave them there.”

  3. Trying to discuss a problem during dropoff or pick-up. Your child's teacher is busy saying hi and goodbye to a whole bunch of kids and parents. And if you want to discuss a subject that isn't appropriate to talk about in front of your child, he could pick up on it, even if he seems to be busy playing or talking to his friends.

  4. Being late for Circle Time. Many preschools start the day by gathering all the children in a circle to do things like discuss the weather, and also to preview the schedule of the day's events. It's a crucial part of the routine, and if your child misses it, she might feel a little lost, especially if she's the only one who isn't clued in.