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How to Build a Good Parent-Teacher Relationship


How to score brownie points with the teacher:

  1. Share your child's special interests during any tours or visits you make. That way, the guide can steer your kiddo toward the parts of the classroom that will appeal to her the most.
  2. Label what kind of sandwich you've packed, if it isn't obvious. “We have a no-peanuts rule, and if you've used another nut butter or sunflower butter instead, it'll save us a call home to double-check,” explains preschool teacher Sarah Connor.

  3. Let your child know each morning who will be picking her up at the end of the school day. It will keep your kid from feeling anxious that no one will show up.

  4. Check the spare clothes in your child's cubby every couple of weeks to make sure they're still right for the season and your child hasn't outgrown them.