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How to Build a Good Parent-Teacher Relationship


What your kid's teacher wants you to do at home:

What are the most important things you can do to help your kid do well in school? Behold, a teacher's ultimate wish list…

  1. Ask Specific Qs Swap “Did you have a good day?” for more detailed and specific questions, such as “What have you been doing in math?” and “Who sits at your table?” These conversation-starter queries will give you a better glimpse into her world, as well as help her gain the social skills she needs for school.
  2. Play Games Kids spend so much time using technology that the basics of playing fair and taking turns are often going by the wayside—hence more frustration and tears in the schoolyard. Pull out your classic board games or play rock, paper, scissors to teach fundamental game-playing skills and rules.
  3. Stop Trying to Wipe Shoes and Noses She can do it! Maybe not the first time, but hang in there and be consistent. The task will require your guidance initially, but slowly remove yourself from the situation. Her sense of independence may even rub off on her classmates. Your kid, the trendsetter!
  4. Read What the Teacher Sends Home Take time every day to check your child's backpack for permission slips, class newsletters, and the like. It'll help you know what's going on at school and help her be prepared. Neither one of you will be happy if, say, you forget it's school picture day!