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Play List: Quick & Easy Fun

For babies on up...

? Take an empty water bottle, put in some coins, close very tightly, and voilà -- a brand-new rattle. (Just don't leave her alone with it!) (Babies on up)

? Create instant bathtime fun: Hand over your turkey baster as a squirt toy; add plastic funnels for scoop-and-pour games. (Babies on up)

? Play pasta peekaboo. Turn a colander upside down and show her how to slide spaghetti into the holes. Lift up to see where they went! (Babies on up)

? Shake, rattle, and roll. Fill a few small plastic bottles half full of water and put the caps on tightly. While you check e-mail, let your child shake 'em up  -- she'll love all the splashing. (Babies)

? Go for color: Give your child a medicine dropper and an ice-cube tray filled with water. Add food coloring. Let him squeeze, squirt, and mix! (Older babies on up)

? A good high-chair activity while you're cooking: Take an empty tissue box, throw in a few small objects  -- a washcloth, a leaf, a toy car  -- and let your child reach in and feel them. Then dump them out and put in a few different things. (Babies and toddlers)

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