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Play List: Quick & Easy Fun

Preschoolers on up

? Boost ABC fun: Print out adorable alphabet coloring pages

? Keep car trips fun:
- How high can your kids count before the next traffic light?
- Decide who'll listen for the words "new" and "old" on the radio. Whoever counts ten of her word first wins! (Preschoolers on up)

? Test her memory. While you do laundry, log your child on to  -- she'll have a blast clicking on lights on the turtle's shell as they come up. (Preschoolers on up)

? Launch far-out fun. Let your child play Shuttle Tac Toe, Space Bounce, and other games at NASA Kids' Club

? Get in the St. Paddy's Day spirit: Cover a piece of shamrock-shaped cardboard with double-sided tape. Have your child stick on green paper, leaves, and other stuff. (Preschoolers)

? Print out a Dr. Seuss game from

? Kick off a buggy summer! Your child can design a cool virtual insect with wings and antennae at Build-a-Bug

? Engage in fowl play. Turn an orange into a turkey: Use toothpicks to attach a cherry tomato head, raisin eyes, a baby-carrot beak, and lettuce feathers. (Preschoolers on up)

? Jazz up coloring: Print out Keith Haring's imaginative artwork

? Make a perfect valentine stamp. Slice an apple in half, then cut a "V" shape at the bottom of one of the pieces. Have your child paint the flat surface red and stamp it onto cards. (Toddlers on up)

? Play laundry basketball. While you sort, hand your kids rolled-up socks and an empty trash can, and promise a kiss for every "point" they make. (Toddlers on up)

? Create instant bathtime fun: Hand over your turkey baster as a squirt toy; add plastic funnels for scoop-and-pour games. (Babies on up)

? Declare your floors "hot lava." Your child can move around the house only by hopping on "islands" (paper taped to the floor). (Toddlers on up)

? Celebrate Easter: Lay a basket on its side, line up some plastic eggs, hand your child a broom, and play huevos hockey. (Toddlers on up)

? Decorate balloons. Rub one until it has a static charge. Supply your child with pieces of tissue or string to put on it, and let him see what else sticks. (Just be sure to watch him.) (Toddlers on up)

? Start a nature scrapbook. Grab a small photo album or notebook where your child can store finds like leaves and feathers. (Toddlers on up)

? Toss a ball in running water  -- from the hose, in a shallow stream, in the ocean. Show your child how to use a small net or strainer to catch it, then throw it back and start again! (Toddlers on up)

? Create a love map. Draw a big heart on paper, and ask your child what's in her heart. Jot down what she says for a great Father's Day gift. (Toddlers on up)

? Make pizza cookies. Give your child lumps of cold pizza dough so she can flatten them with a potato masher. Sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top, bake, and serve. (Toddlers on up)

? Stay cool with ice hockey. Tip over a small wastebasket in your driveway, toss some ice cubes on the ground, and use broomsticks to see who can score the most before the cubes melt! (Toddlers on up)

? Sew fun! Punch holes in an egg carton with a pen, tape on a string of yarn, and let your child thread it through the openings. (Toddlers on up)

? Do 3-D painting. Save up the foam blocks from your packages for your child to paint. Kids love the odd shapes. (Toddlers on up)

? Grab cookie cutters and...
- Use them for stencils
- Turn melon into stars
- Cut play dough into cool shapes. (Toddlers on up)

? Start a pickup game: Put crayons or markers in a small pile. Kids can try to remove one at a time without disturbing the others. (Older toddlers on up)

? Have a race: Use chalk to draw a curvy course on your sidewalk for an instant trike path. (Toddlers on up)

? Make "movies." Create a flip book

? Stamp it. Give your child things from around the house  -- blocks, a wire strainer, doll's feet  -- to make impressions on play dough. (Toddlers on up)

? Leaf-peep from home. Gather fall leaves from your yard, put a piece of double-sided tape on each, and let your kid stick them on the windows. (Toddlers on up)