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Finishing Touches

While teeth bleachers and whiteners are safe for most people, there's no research on their use during pregnancy, according to Kimberly Harms, spokesperson for the American Dental Association, who recommends pregnant women avoid bleaching.

But you can cross nail polish off your list of maternal worries. "Nail polish is not a problem, because the nails are not a living tissue," says Dr. Draelos. Polishes briefly release volatile chemicals into the air when they're being applied, however. Prolonged exposure to these chemicals -- such as that experienced by people who work in industries that use them -- is associated with malformations, but the occasional, brief exposure involved in painting your nails is not considered harmful. Polishes also often contain phthalates -- products that are free of these chemicals include L'Oréal Jet Set Nail Enamel and Revlon Nail Enamel.

It's easy to worry about what could go wrong with your baby-to-be. But remember that the vast majority of birth defects have nothing to do with unsafe drugs or chemicals. "Women shouldn't become martyrs in pregnancy," says Dr. Koren. "They should have a normal, healthy life." Follow your doctor's pregnancy advice, and chances are, your baby will be healthy too.