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Reality Check: Bad Holiday Grub

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and your mother-in-law/aunt/cousin/friend -- the one who loves throwing big family parties but can't cook a lick -- has invited everyone over. Five ways to avoid her yucky cooking:

1. One word: potluck. It's no secret that her food's gross, so everyone will bend over backward to bring their own spiral hams and string-bean casseroles.

2. Oh, what's the matter, dear -- did you say you have the stomach flu? Just nibble -- everyone will understand.

3. Rover just loves dry turkey. Discreetly invite the pooch to sit at your feet at the table.

4. Try the long-standing favorite of kids everywhere: Push the food back and forth across the plate so it looks like you're eating, then scoop it into your napkin when nobody's watching.

5. Go ahead -- choke it down. It's the holiday, for goodness' sake, and one meal. It won't kill you. At least you hope not...