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Reflux in Babies

Stanley Chow

Know the Signs

A baby may have reflux if he:

  • Is colicky (experiences length crying episodes).
  • Frequently wakes in apparent pain.
  • Sleeps restlessly.
  • Arches his back and squirms as if he's hurting.
  • Seems in pain right after feeding.
  • Refuses to eat or doesn't feed long enough (baby may arch his back and withdraw from feeding or want to nurse frequently—nursing is comforting, and breast milk can act as an antacid).
  • Has frequent wet, sour burps.
  • Makes throaty nooises—gagging, choking and raspy breathing.
  • Has breathing difficulties—frequent respiratory infections, wheezing, stop-breathing episodes.
  • May be thought to have "baby asthma".

Keep a Diary

Before seeing your pediatrician, record your baby's experiences per episode, including:

  • Signs and symptoms you've noticed and how long they lasted
  • How severe you believe the episode was.
  • If symptoms are improving or worsening.
  • Home treatments you've tried and their results.
  • The time of day baby has the most severe symptoms, such as crying jags.