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Reward Yourself!

Your Body

Find your inner peace early.

When I wake up in the morning, I try to lie very still for a few moments, slowly stretching my arms, legs, and back. It feels great, and instead of starting the day already rushed and frantic, I'm calm. (Don't forget to hit the snooze button in case you relax so much that you fall back to sleep!)

Keep a log.

No matter which sort of exercise you do  -- running five miles, doing 25 sit-ups per day, or walking the stroller around the neighborhood  -- keep track of it on a calendar or in a journal. It's a satisfying and simple way to feel you've accomplished something that's good for you.

Only buy clothes that fit.

Stop buying things two sizes too small (and feeling guilty that you don't wear a size 6 after two kids) or too big (tents aren't flattering on anyone). Whatever your size, you're sexier and slimmer in clothes that flatter your shape.

Discover your niche.

You'll never stick to any workout that you hate, so find something that makes you feel good before, during, and after. It doesn't have to be an actual sport, either. "I really enjoy walking through old cemeteries," admits Maria Swanson, a mother of four in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. "There's a lovely one close to our house, filled with trees and birds." She goes there frequently for the exercise as well as the tranquility.

Cemeteries not your thing? Bounce on a mini-trampoline for a solid workout (always supervise your kids if they want to try it too) or break out the old roller skates.