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Sanity Savers

Take a Mind Vacation

Using simple meditation techniques can give you a much-needed break from daily pressures. In a study at the University of Massachusetts, 20 out of 22 anxiety-prone volunteers showed a significant improvement in their stress levels following meditation. Here's a technique formulated specifically for new moms: Choose a quiet spot in your home  -- perhaps a corner with warm sunshine and nice plants. While you hold and rock your baby to sleep, pay attention to your breathing. Try to open your mind to the feelings of the moment: "This allows you to breathe into and receive the joy of your mothering experience," says Edwin Kelley, executive director of Insight Meditation Society, a retreat center in Barre, MA. You can also do as the serene Tibetan monks do by softly repeating blessings to your newborn, such as, "May you be peaceful. May you live in ease." Both you and Baby will feel the difference after only five to ten minutes.