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Sanity Savers

Stick to a Schedule

Laura Jacobs, a graphic artist in New York City, learned to be firm about scheduling, but only after trying to wing it and do it all: "Before Lotty was born, I had this fantasy I would be able to rock my baby's cradle with one hand and draw with the other," she says. She tried doing full-time work and babycare every day for about three months, but her battery burned out.

So Jacobs got a giant calendar and marked off those times and dates when she would be at her studio, home with Lotty, or on her own. "My personal time was written boldly in purple ink, and believe me, there wasn't much of it," she recalls. "But I learned that when you're a new mom, scheduling is a serious business. If you just leave it to the fates, you'll never get a moment to yourself."

Probably the biggest problem we all face when it comes to securing some sane time is guilt. We think we should be with our baby every free minute we have. But trust me, in order to give your newborn your all, you've got to get away from it all once in a while.