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Share Your Hobbies With Your Child

Carve Out Time

If this is going to work, you need an unhurried, unpressured atmosphere and a sense of continuity. You need what we don't all come by naturally: to make your time with your child a priority. "It doesn't have to be big chunks, but there does have to be some time that is set apart, and come hell or high water, you are going to stick to it," says Anthony Wolf, Ph.D., psychologist and author of The Secret of Parenting.

Sue and Rick Werber of Germantown, Maryland, always take their two children, Douglas, 9, and Laura, 3, along on their favorite weekend pastime, sailing. "To me, sailing is a means to an end," says Rick. "When we are all together out there on the water, exploring quiet coves, having adventures, or just watching the blue herons, something very special happens, and we jell as a family. The kids feel it too."