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Share Your Hobbies With Your Child

Make It an Experience

Go ahead and break some rules. If you are teaching your kids about astronomy, for example, let them stay up late on nights when there are meteor showers. Or establish some kind of special ritual, such as always stopping at a certain diner for soup on the way home from a biking trip. "We think it's so important to make it an adventure for the kids," says Sue Werber. To that end, she and her husband organized a special kids' cruise for the Fourth of July. With other families, they sailed to a secluded beach, where they built sand castles, raced dinghies, lit a bonfire, and made s'mores. "The kids loved it," reports Sue, "and were begging for more boating trips — not just for the joy of being on the water, but also for more of this kind of family time."