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Soothing Secrets

Tune in

The standard advice: Play or sing soft lullaby music.

Why it works: Gentle, rhythmic melodies are time-tested calmers, that's for sure. If you sing a particular song at night as your baby drifts off to sleep, she may start to connect it to nodding off, so try that song first if she's fussing.

How moms add their own twist: Elisa Mikiten of Berkeley, California, says she knows several moms who rely on Bob Marley to soothe their babes. "I've also found that Paul Simon's Graceland works," she adds.

If a CD isn't handy, don't let a limited vocal range keep you from singing: Even if you're tone-deaf, the soft, crooning nature of your voice can calm your baby.

When Kim Frank of Albany, California, was pregnant, she spent a lot of time listening to a popular drumming circle that jammed every day in a local park  -- maybe that's why her son, Lev, 9 months, instantly quiets whenever his dad starts to play his West African drum.