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Soothing Sounds for Baby

Why babies like it It drowns out jarring distractions, like a ringing telephone and loud voices.

Bonus for you Your baby can fall asleep while you carry on with regular, noisy activities.

What to do Buy a white-noise machine or CD, or download some tracks from Whirring fans, though not the same frequency, also work.

Why babies like it Your baby was able to hear you in the womb during the third trimester, so now your voice is recognizable and comforting.

Bonus for you Whispering can quiet a fussy baby. Because the sound is so soft, it may distract him from crying as he tries to find the source.

What to do Experiment with various pitches and rhythms to find the one that best soothes your baby.

Why babies like them Simple, repetitive melodies, unlike complex classical music and songs with words, aren't overstimulating, so they help babies relax.

Bonus for you Lullabies have an almost trancelike effect on babies -- sleep will come quickly!

What to do Play or hum slow, repetitive tunes, or let your child's musical mobile work its magic.