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Spying Time

Best for toddlers

Sock It to Me

In this game, toddlers get an idea of how a detective might use his senses of touch and sight when important evidence is under wraps.

Using a marker, draw a smiley face on an old sock near the toe, just for fun. Collect small objects with simple, distinctive shapes  -- a ball, a block, a spoon  -- and slip one into the sock. Knot or tie the open end and let your little sleuth poke and prod the sock to figure out what's inside. Then try a different item.

For very young private eyes, place familiar objects in the sock as he looks on, then talk him through the investigation: "Do you feel a spoon? Or a cup? A spoon is long and straight; a cup is round."

Mary Beth Spann is the author of 30 Collaborative Books forYour Class to Make and Share (Scholastic Professional Books).