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Stress-Free Travel with Baby

Move Right Along
Want to fly through the airport? Heed these terminal tips and nothing will slow you down.

Stroll smart. Don't head out with a Phil & Teds or any other supersized buggy. Instead, bring a cheapo umbrella stroller for easy folding at the security conveyor belt or the end of the jetway. What's more, if the baggage men play javelins with it, you'll have a lot less to lose. Traveling solo? McLaughlin recommends navigating the airport with your baby in a front carrier. "You can wear it through security with the baby in it," she says, so your hands will be free to tie shoes and put yourself back together after clearing the metal detector.
Stay liquid. The Transportation Security Administration has relaxed (or, well, made realistic) the rules regarding traveling with breast milk, baby formula, and juice for babies and toddlers. Parents may bring "reasonable quantities" of these fluids through security checkpoints -- you need only to declare them and allow for their inspection. Know your rights: No one at security should ask you to taste the liquids or demand that your child do so.
Master in-transit diaper changes. Practice the lap change (or, for toddlers, the kid-standing-up technique) so you can manage non-poopy diapers anywhere -- on a state-park bench or in an airplane's back row.