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Stress-Free Travel with Baby

Anticipate Rising Temps
You can plan to avoid germs and the people who might carry them. And to wash your hands every 20 or 30 seconds. And to sterilize everything you and your family will touch. Or you can play it safe in the real world.

Pack a meds bag. Think of the things you reach for in the middle of the night: a thermometer, saline nasal spray, a bulb syringe, and infant pain relief. Add small bandages and antibiotic ointment and you're almost as equipped as you are at home.
Connect with your pediatrician. Make sure her number is in your cell phone, and if the doc uses e-mail, bring the address. It may be useful when your child starts vomiting, as Messina's son Teddy did on a trip to Nebraska when he was a toddler. "I called the doctor immediately," she says. "He called back within ten minutes."
Know your options. Ask the front desk if there's a doctor on call. "Our hotel in Hawaii had one in-house when my daughter got sick," recalls Jenn Fallon, a San Francisco mom of two. "It eased my mind knowing she'd been seen by a professional."