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Stress-Free Travel with Baby

Bend the Schedule
Babies and restaurants are better mixed sparingly. Try these tips.

Rethink mealtimes. New York City mom Monica Winsor, who took daughters Sophia and Athena to Greece when they were 3 and 1, says, "Our big meal of the day was lunch. It's easier for kids to hold it together earlier than it is at dinner, when they're exhausted and cranky." Restaurants are often less crowded at midday, and lunch always comes more quickly than dinner does.
Have a picnic. Lay a spread of prepared food from a supermarket on a blanket on your hotel-room floor. It won't be haute cuisine, but you'll enjoy it without tears (or tense glances from folks around you). You could even have two picnics, the second one on the balcony of your hotel room with dessert after your little one is in bed.