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Stress-Free Travel with Baby

Keep it Real
Hope for a trip that will be rich in bonding moments and priceless photos. But accept that you might need to let go of those visions -- and then relax and have some fun.

Just laugh. Vacations are like life: flawed, messy, and often more amusing in the retelling. But think of the stories you'll take home with you! Revel in the perfect moments and try to smile during the not-so-great ones.
Snap it anyway. Go ahead, take a picture of your feverish baby sleeping next to the vaporizer you rushed out to buy at 4 a.m., and another one of the rain beating down on the palm trees. "We have a great shot of Patrick covered in sunscreen and sand, looking like a furious little tempura shrimp," Litton says.
And expect the best! Who knows, you may be like Stacy Peterman of Philadelphia and have a born voyager in your arms. "My son is like me -- he loves to travel and is so happy watching the scenery. And when my daughter was 6 months old, we took a thirteen-hour trip to Quebec, Canada, and she slept most of the way." Now that's what we call a blissful family vacation.