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The Case for Summer School for Kids

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Yay or Nay to Summer Education?

Thumbs Up!

“Kids need to keep up their learning in a structured way over the summer, not only to ‘compete’ but to guard against losing what they’ve learned. I wish we had year-round school, and it’s not because I’m a mean mom. I just want my kids to be prepared, and I’m not able to teach them.” —Eileen Z. Wolter, Summit, NJ

“They will really benefit from continued education. My wife and I put our daughters into two classes—one we felt they needed and one they got to pick.” —Lewis Hall, Los Angeles

“Summer school has been woven into my second- and fifth-graders’ plans since their kindergarten years, academics in the morning and sports in the afternoon. This summer they will also attend a Spanish-immersion camp with their cousins. Kids need academic goals—realistic ones!” —Cyn Hawkins Davis, Silver Spring, MD

No Way!

“Summer should be a time to recharge and relax, with plenty of time for unstructured play. That said, parents can do simple things to make sure their kids don’t lose important skills. By incorporating fun learning activities into the routine, children will stay sharp and enjoy the summer.” —Erin Wing, Issaquah, WA

“Kids in grade school need to experience life, and learn through doing during their summer vacations. My kids, husband, and I take day trips to museums, parks, zoos, and the beach, and we go camping, too. Our summers are full of learning—just not the traditional classroom type.” —Sarah Caron, Sandy Hook, CT

“It saddens me when parents put their kids in programs all summer. What happened to letting them be kids? Childhood is way too short, and they are already inundated with stress.” —Nancy O’Neill, Temecula, CA