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Talking to Kids About Osama Bin Laden's Death


Here’s how parents we polled are tackling this issue with their kids today:

My 8-year old overheard as we were reading about it and discussing. We explained simply that he killed a lot of people and was a very bad man. However, we don't celebrate the fact that a man died (since he was a person), but we do celebrate the fact that he can not hurt people anymore.

We will probably talk about it after school today. My kids are little, so I'll keep it simple and say Bin Laden was a very bad man who hurt a lot of people before they were born and this was the best way our country could think of to make sure he couldn't hurt anyone else.

My 9-yo daughter happened to be watching the news with me this morning, so I gave her and my 7-yo son a very brief synopsis of what happened. My daughter thanked me for telling her, so she'll know the facts if other people were talking about it at school.

I did talk to my 6yo daughter about it this morning. I would rather her hear about this topic from me and be able to ask questions and not be afraid than hear it from potentially misinformed classmates. She's mature for her age and asked great questions. I'll keep the lines of communication open to be sure she feels comfortable to ask more questions if she wants to.

We told them that there was a mean man, Osama, that killed a lot of Americans. Then explained to them about "army men" and how they captured him and sent him away forever so the mean man will never hurt any Americans again! I told them to be proud of our country and be proud to be an American!

I told my sons the biggest bad guy in the whole world got caught by our good guys.